Meet the Afton Tickets Team

Our Executive Team

Ryan Kintz
Ryan Kintz Linkedin
Founder & CEO

Ryan founded Afton Tickets in 2012 and Afton Shows in 2004. He is an event organizer, event producer, concert promoter, business owner, musician, and father of 2 daughters. Ryan has worked with hundreds of event organizers, over 800 music venues and tens of thousands of music artists over the past 15 years. Afton Tickets clientele include fairs, festivals, beer/wine/food festivals, and concerts that range from 10,000 to 100,000 attendees. Ryan works onsite at various Afton Tickets clients’ events. He has firsthand experience planning and organizing events and executing online ticketing and box office admissions for large, complex, multiple entry point events. Afton Shows has produced over 14,000 events and national tours in 60 U.S. cities and 8 Canadian cities with over 1.5 Million tickets sold. Ryan runs both companies with his wife, business partner, and COO, Amelia Kintz. Ryan loves to play guitar, write and record music, snowboard, eat Vegan food, read, and spend time with his wife, two daughters, and two golden doodle dogs Minus and Maida.

Amelia Kintz
Amy (Amelia) Kintz Linkedin
Founder & COO

Amelia Kintz founded Afton Tickets in 2012 and Afton Shows in 2004. As Chief Operations Officer, Amelia works behind the scenes designing and developing the Afton Tickets platform. She helped build and train our sales team and onsite event staff. She manages and works closely with the user experience and user interface design team and manages our team of software developers. Amelia believes that ticketing is a valuable tool for event organizers and should be offered at a fair price with exceptional service to the client and event attendee. She has acquired over 250 venue partnerships, and helped book over 14,000 concerts over the past 15 years on the shows side. Amelia likes to snowboard, read, travel internationally, spend time with family and friends, and eat Vegan food.

Jared Surasky
Jared Surasky Linkedin
VP of Sales

Jared Surasky is a seasoned industry professional with 20+ years at the cross-section of technology and events. After 9 years leading sales efforts at Eventbrite, he joins Afton with years of experience in event production, product development, onsite logistics, marketing, and ticketing. Jared is extremely passionate about delivering a best-in-class ticketing solution, but believes that a great product is never a substitute for great support. This is what ultimately drew him to join the Afton Tickets family. His knowledge of the ticketing landscape, industry trends, and an insasionable hunger for innovation will help Afton continue to deliver a best-in-class solution for our customers. Jared resides in Atlanta GA, where he is a proud husband and a father to two beautiful girls.

Katie Schatz
Katie Schatz Linkedin
Senior Account Manager

Katie is a senior team member at Afton Tickets and has worked onsite at countless client events providing onsite support and real-time solutions to optimize event and gate entry. She plays an integral role in designing innovative solutions to help our event organizers run their events more efficiently. She interacts with new and current clients on a daily basis and continually provides world class service. She upholds our company mission to treat every event organizer and event attendee like people, not just another ticket sale. She also maintains our equipment, purchases new equipment, and tests new features. She likes to run, spend time with her dog, camp, and hang out with her family.

Jordan Westlund
Jordan Westlund Linkedin
Senior Account Manager & Marketing Specialist

Jordan is a Senior Account Manager at Afton Tickets and our in-house Client Marketing Specialist. He also schedules and trains the Afton representatives that work onsite at our clients’ events, provides support on equipment maintenance, and assists in the testing of new system features. He enjoys running, swimming, and Jordan is active outdoors. Jordan has been a longtime senior team member here at Afton.

Justine Rice
Justine Rice Linkedin
Senior Account Manager

Justine is a a senior team member and Account Manager at Afton Tickets. At an early age Justine developed a strong love and interest in music, organizing and planning live events at her High School. That early interest would lay the foundation for her assertive, hit the ground running attitude that she would sharpen over the next decade working in ticketing and marketing for some of the industry's most progressive companies. Showing no fear in diving into any challenge she has become one of the more versatile people in live events, having experience in all roles from the bottom up. Justine loves to spend time with her husband and their two cats, read a good book, and listen to true crime podcasts.

Vincent Cammarota
Vincent Cammarota Linkedin
Account Manager & Onsite Operations

Vincent is an Account Manager at Afton Tickets and part of our Onsite Operations team. He is a music industry graduate with a passion for live events and has years of experience in onsite operations for large festivals. Vincent ensures that Afton Tickets' clients are taken care of and provided white-glove support before, during, and after their events.

Thomas Feller
Thomas Feller Linkedin
Account Specialist & Onsite Manager

Thomas is a fundamental part of our ongoing mission to provide world class service to our clients and event organizers. During peak season, Thomas is "in the trenches," working onsite during client events so that they have the real-time support they need. He helps keep in perspective the clients’ needs and what the day-of experience is like for the client and attendees. This ensures that we’re developing new modifications and features that will help our clients the most during their events. Thomas enjoys snowboarding, the great outdoors, movies, and spending time out in nature.

Thomas Feller
Luanne Robertson Linkedin
Bookkeeper & Accounting Manager

Luanne is our bookkeeper and helps on the accounting side. She’s an invaluable part of our team and works closely with our CFO, Amy Kintz, on everything from payroll to budgeting.

Web, App, Software Team

Our talented and dedicated software team members have been with Afton Tickets since the beginning. Afton's large team of developers work tirelessly to keep our platform running and to implement new features for our event organizers and event attendees. Our product team is the reason Afton Tickets has been so successful. Whether we're building custom features for clients, or new innovative features to help our event organizers save time and sell more tickets - providing a feature-rich platform with flexible controls is our number one goal.

Other Support Staff

Customer Ticket Support Reps, Junior Account Managers, Sales Reps, part-time onsite Event Managers, Minus (our resident office dog & mascot), scaling & infrastructure team, QA Testing team, Advisor Board, and our dedicated Accounting and Legal team.