JTMF Rollovers (valid Oct 2022, May 2023 OR Oct 2023)

Joshua Tree Music Festival

JTMF Rollovers (valid Oct 2022, May 2023 OR Oct 2023)

afton tickets
Thu May 18 2023
Sun Oct 8 2023
afton tickets
  • Age Restriction:  All Ages

About the Event
If you received a ticket to this event you are one of our JTMF ticket rollovers - yay!

Let us start by saying THANK YOU for bearing with us the last few years as we navigated COVID, we truly appreciate it and cannot wait to welcome you back to the festival when you are ready!

We created this event to streamline your ticket redemption process. You have been sent any outstanding tickets and will be able to use these tickets to check at ANY of our 2022 or 2023 events.

October 6-9, 2022
May 18-21, 2023
Oct 5-8, 2023

If you need to add any extra tickets, vehicle passes, early entry passes etc to your order, you may do that via the regular ticketing page for that event.

If you have any questions about your tickets or feel like you have been sent the wrong tickets, please email love@joshuatreemusicfestival.com.
Event Date: Thu May 18 - Sun Oct 8 2023

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