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C.R.O.W. Presents

The Spongebob Musical

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About the Event
The stakes are higher than ever in this dynamic stage musical, as SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, Plankton, and all of the creatures of Bikini Bottom face the total annihilation of their undersea world. Chaos erupts. Lives hang in the balance. And just when all hope seems lost, a most unexpected hero rises up and takes center stage. The power of optimism really can save the world!

Featuring an amazing musical score by famous rock stars such as Aerosmith, Panic at the Disco, Cindy Lauper, Sarah Bareilles, Yolanda Adams, David Bowie, The Flaming Lips, and many more incredible artists.

Director's Note: This musical is family-friendly, whimsical, and colorful. Themes include friendship, heroism, acceptance, small town pride, and overcoming obstacles together. It is done without "mascot style" costuming, and although it is based on the beloved characters, the show is very different than the cartoon. We know that seeing this show will be the "Best Day Ever!"
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