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Abbeville Opera House

Abbeville Community Performing Arts Board

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About the Event
When world famous heavy-metal British guitarist, Mick Ansley, suffers severe injuries from falling off a mountain in South Carolina, he is found and cared for by a family of “hillbilly” musicians who live a simple life in a remote valley. As Mick gets to know the Stafford family, who are preparing to celebrate their Old Christmas Homecoming, he realizes there’s much more to life than pursuing wealth and fame and finally discovers the true meaning of Christmas.

If you are 12 and under or 65 and older you are eligible to receive a discounted ticket price. Use code "12-" or "65+."

Two dollars from every ticket sold goes towards the Historic Preservation Fund. These funds will keep the Abbeville Opera House a thriving and usable historic landmark for years to come.
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