Comedy Pet Theater! From Vegas - The Westport Playhouse, St Louis, Missouri - October 11th 2022 | Afton Tickets
Comedy Pet Theater! From Vegas - Popvich Presents

Westport Playhouse

Comedy Pet Theater! From Vegas - Popvich Presents

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The Westport Playhouse
111 W Port Plaza Dr #635
St Louis, Missouri 63146
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Tue Oct 11, 2022 | 6:30 pm
(Doors 6:00 PM).
Age restriction: All Ages & Bar w/ID

About the Event
About the Production:

Straight from Vegas! This family show features more than 30 house cats, dogs, parrots. Each pet in the show has been rescued from animal shelters and given a new life! They love to perform their skills and stunts on stage.
Watch pets jumping, dancing, flying through the air, or balancing in ways you've never seen before.

Great show for the entire family!

Running Time: Approx 1:30

Who they Are

Popovich — a fourth-generation circus performer — grew up with dogs and cats as his closest playmates backstage while his parents performed in the great Moscow Circus. He developed keen communication with, and understanding of, the animals.

Popovich also author of cat-training book, and star of slapstick TV episodes

About the author

Gregory Popovich, a native of Kiev, Ukraine, is an alumnus of the Great Moscow Circus and the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, a trained clown, and a world record-setting juggler. A professional circus performer since age 12, he personally trains the dogs and cats (all rescued from animal shelters) that form the core cast of Comedy Pet Theater. The show is an award-winning, family oriented act that features stunning animal tricks, Gregory’s unique comedy and juggling, and performances by European-style clowns and balancing acts.

Comedy Pet Theater has performed in 25 countries and been featured on television’s The Tonight Show, Late Night with David Letterman, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Animal Planet, and America’s Got Talent. Comedy Pet Theater also has been featured in People magazine, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, and the New Yorker. “Comedy Pet Theater is like a Cirque show with animals,” USA Today said.

Popovich lives in Las Vegas with his wife, Izolda, and their daughter, Anastasia, who also perform in the show. The Popoviches’ extended household includes more than 50 furry or feathered members — dogs, cats, ferrets, white mice, geese, doves, and a parrot.
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