Disbelief: An Evening of Wonder and Laughter

Westport Playhouse

Disbelief: An Evening of Wonder and Laughter

  • Doors: 7:30 pm
  • Start Time: 8:00 pm
  • Age Restriction:  Ages 5 & Up & Bar w/ID

About the Event
Witness the incredible unfold before your eyes at Disbelief, the top magic show in St Louis. Staged at the famous Westport Playhouse, this recurring spectacle showcases the mesmerizing talents of three of the city's finest magicians: Josh Weidner, Jesse Bader, and Randy Kalin.

Josh Weidner, with his signature fusion of magic and comedy, creates an environment filled with laughter and astonishment. He is a master at drawing the audience into his world of illusion and hilarity, ensuring a memorable experience.

Jesse Bader, known for his modern approach to close-up sleight of hand, offers an up-close and personal experience. His magic is fresh, innovative, and mind-boggling, creating the wonder of magic right under your nose.

And Randy Kalin, an expert in classical magic, enchants audiences with his elegant prestidigitation and captivating stories. His performances are a tribute to the timeless charm of traditional magic, captivating spectators of all ages.

Aimed at ages 10 and up, Disbelief offers both close up sleight of hand, displayed in a way everyone can witness it, and larger scale magic, making it the go-to live entertainment in St Louis.

Whether you're a magic enthusiast or simply seeking a unique night out, Disbelief promises an unforgettable adventure filled with wonder, laughter, and awe.
So step into a world of enchantment at Disbelief, where the boundaries of reality blur, and the extraordinary becomes the norm.

Book your tickets today for this must-see St Louis attraction and prepare to be amazed. At Disbelief, you'll discover that magic is not just a show - it's an experience.
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