Ben Silver + Brie Kelly (LIVESTREAM)

Ben Silver + Brie Kelly (LIVESTREAM)

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Sat May 6 2023 | 8:00 pm EST
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Ben Silver
Whether in singer/songwriter mode or doing McFerrinesque vocal improvisations, Ben Silver's music slides through folk, R&B, funk, jazz, and back again. A passionate singer with buku chops and a wide vocal range, Ben is also an inspired vocal arranger, Vocal Improv teacher and performer. His songs have been published in Carry It On, Sing Out Magazine, The Washington Post, and the book Hearing Everyone's Voice.

Brie Kelly
Brie Kelly is an avid unaccompanied singer and collector of interesting songs. Her repertoire includes a mix of ballads, contemporary and folk revival songs, and traditional Irish, English and Appalachian tunes. A former Morris dancer, a beginner harp player, and a Broadway enthusiast, Brie surrounds herself with music whenever she can. You might find her at the Exceedingly Good Song Night, the Sunnyside Folk Club, or one of the other singers' sessions in and around New York City.

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