Bev Grant and Carolann Solebello (LIVESTREAM)

Bev Grant and Carolann Solebello (LIVESTREAM)

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Sat Sep 9 2023 | 8:00 pm EST
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Bev Grant
Inspired by the socially conscious songs of the 1960s, Bev Grant uses music as a means to express her position on longstanding social dynamics and societal issues. Her songs tackle themes of social justice, feminism, and workers' rights, reflecting her commitment to using her art as a tool for change. As Bev's career gained momentum in NYC, other likeminded artists who also sang of the triumphs and struggles of everyday people joined with Bev. These music groups include The Human Condition, Bev Grant and the Dissident Daughters, The Miller Sisters, Wool&Grant;, and most notably, the Brooklyn Women's Chorus. Her inspirational work has earned her the 2017 ASCAP Foundation's Jay Gorney award, as well as earning her the Labor Heritage Foundation's JOE HILL award.

Carolann Solebello
Inspired by theater, Appalachian music, and social justice activism, Carolann Solebello successfully blends a progressive ethos with a more traditional sound. A founding member of the Americana trio Red Molly, Carolann now tours as a solo troubadour and with the modern folk quartet, No Fuss and Feathers. Her smooth, compelling voice and warm acoustic guitar style nod to rural folk traditions while her rhythmic precision and sophisticated phrasing plant her firmly in the urban present. Carolann is a proud member of AFM Local 1000 and the Jack Hardy Songwriters Exchange. She has hosted many open mics, won a bunch of songwriting awards, and is currently working on her sixth solo album.

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