Tom Chapin with Steve Gibb

Tom Chapin with Steve Gibb

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Fri Mar 1 2024 | 7:30 pm EST
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Troubadour Acoustic Concert Series presents Tom Chapin with Steve Gibb

Tom Chapin‘s music spans generations from the heady Greenwich Village days when he performed with his brothers Harry, and Steve, and dad Jim, through to today. He serves up a tasty mix of story songs, ballads, comedic and political songs, family music, sing-alongs, old-time folk classics and a favorite song or two of his late brother Harry’s. With an agile fingerstyle guitar, gentle humor, audience inclusiveness, and a concern for the Earth and its resources, Tom puts on a memorable show.

Steve Gibb is an award-winning Scottish guitarist and composer now based in the US where he has played on several hit Broadway shows including Jersey Boys, Beautiful, School of Rock, Dear Evan Hansen and Shucked. Steve has also played alongside a variety of artists – some famous, some not famous, and some infamous! They include Eartha Kitt, Britney Spears, John Turturro, Petula Clark, Il Divo and Meatloaf. In 2021, Steve released his first solo fingerstyle album, “The Boatman”, which Acoustic Guitar Magazine called “A winner on every level” and was the Ark of Music’s #1 Album of the Year.
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