Grassroots Ambassador Certification Training & Summit

Grassroots Ambassador Certification Training & Summit

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Thu Jun 23 2022 | 9:00 am EST
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Are you a #vegan and/or #plant-based lifestylist, passionate about inspiring others to explore a vegan lifestyle? If so, the weDIDitHealth Plant-Based Grassroots Ambassador Certification is for you.

weDIDitHealth is hosting the first of its kind inaugural Plant-Based Grassroots Ambassador Certification taking place both in-person and virtually.

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During the one-day Certification Program, you will learn from leading experts in three primary areas of impact.

- Health
- Animal welfare
- Climate Healing

The presenters are long-time vegans who believe the vegan and whole food, plant-based lifestyle can be healthy, compassionate to animals and influence climate healing.

Speakers and panelists include Dr. John McDougall (opening keynote speaker - virtually), Dr. Sailesh Rao (founder of Climate Healers), Dr. Angela Crawford, Dr. Marla Friedman, Linda Middlesworth, Peter Goldstein, Dr. Matthew Badgett, V. Lynn Hawkins and Kathleen Gage.

Each experts shares best practices that have enabled them to inspire countless individuals to willingly explore the vegan, plant-based and whole food lifestyle.

The purpose of Certification, facilitated by Dr. Sally Lipsky, is to embolden those in the vegan and plant-based communities to be effective communicators about the benefits of plant-based living. Whether their focus in on health, the elimination of current animal practices including animal testing and factory farming or climate healing, the weDIDitHealth Grassroots Ambassador Certification is ideal for raising awareness about critical issues that can no longer be ignored.

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Grassroots Ambassadors have a shared purpose of spreading awareness and inspiring others towards veganism, for the health of humans, animals, and our planet.

By attending this event, either in-person or virtually, participants will be certified as a Grassroots Ambassador, receive a Certificate of Certification, and three months enrollment in the weDIDitHealth membership program.

The weDIDit Summit is for you if you are…

- An ethical vegan who is committed to inspiring others to explore what it means to be vegan
- A vegan, of any length of time, who knows being vegan is also about being healthy in mind, body and soul
- Someone who loves sharing your story with others and is looking for ways to be more effective
- A committed vegan who enjoys surrounding yourself with like-minded men and women
- Someone who wants to encourage and empower others toward great health through a WFPB (whole food, plant-based) diet
- An advocate who is eater to expand your reach

Enjoy the Certification Training and Summit virtually. The in-person event takes place at Embassy Suites by Hilton Cleveland Rockside, 5800 Rockside Woods Blvd North, Independence, Ohio

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