"Imagination" Coastal Fitness Tumbling Spring Show

"Imagination" Coastal Fitness Tumbling Spring Show

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Wed Jun 5 2024 | 6:30 pm PST
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Imagine a night filled with tumbling kids, music and entertainment. Creativity will abound on June 5th at 6:30 p.m. at the Coastal Fitness Annual Tumbling Spring Show at the Florence Events Center. You’ll be delighted as you watch these talented young people flip, cartwheel, roll, master silks, and handspring in fun-filled routines.

Director, Deena Mitchell invites you to see the wonderful talent and energy of our community’s finest. “This will be nearly our third decade of showcasing great kids with such enthusiasm and talent,” shares Deena. “We love this event every year. It is such a fun night to see how these Florence kids have built confidence, overcome fear and obstacles, increased strength and skill and learned how to trust themselves and others. We love being able to work with this little community.”
We will stir your “Imagination” with music and an array of fun routines choreographed by Deena Mitchell, Halle Anderson, Aubrey Mahutu-Mason, and Myrna Clark. “We are so lucky to be around and work with these kids!” exclaims Deena, “Their love of life and excitement is contagious and shines in these routines. Other instructors, Celia Duman, Dylan Jensen, Ally Contrares, and Tina Ferkey have been key to the growth of these kids in tumbling,” adds Deena. “We promise a fun night.”
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