Heather Wood + The Ranzo Boys (LIVESTREAM)

Heather Wood + The Ranzo Boys (LIVESTREAM)

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Sat Feb 11 2023 | 8:00 pm EST
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Heather Wood has been singing mainly traditional songs from the British Isles since the Sixties, when Girls Did Not Lead Sea Shanties, and is happy to note this has now changed. She believes traditional music should be enjoyed, not enshrined. As one third of the Young Tradition (with Peter Bellamy and Royston Wood), she toured extensively in the UK, US, and Canada, and has performed solo and in various duos and trios since. Heather occasionally writes songs, some of which others have recorded.

The Ranzo Boys are Lafayette Matthews (he/him) and Jules Peiperl (they/them). They have been singing together since 2013. They are dedicated to honoring the tradition of the songs they sing while making the folk community a more inclusive and welcoming space for all people. Their repertoire includes buzzy English harmonies, Appalachian ballads, sea chanteys, and any trad song that can be remotely construed as queer.

NOTE: This contribution is for the livestream only and does NOT include the in person event.

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