MLK Today: A Musical Challenge (LIVESTREAM)

MLK Today: A Musical Challenge (LIVESTREAM)

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Sat Jan 13 2024 | 8:00 pm EST
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Chris Owens was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico to a music-teaching mother and a librarian-turned-politician father. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, Chris Owens and his two brothers could have been a folk or classical ensemble.  Each brother played a stringed instrument, percussion and sang.  But they also liked to rock ... and pop ... and funk. 
During college, Chris focused on cover tunes with a dance band.  After graduating in 1982, however, he started writing songs and performing solo and as a duo with his brother, Geoffrey.
In 1984, Chris Owens released his only album-length compilation of songs, Anyone’s Revolution. AR harnessed Chris' frustration with the policies of the Reagan years. 
Shortly after AR’s release, Chris joined the People’s Music Network for Songs of Freedom & Struggle and was encouraged to continue his “political” songwriting by family friend Pete Seeger, among others.
Over the years, Chris has performed solo, with his own bands, and with other singer-songwriters and choruses.  Chris formed OBB - The Owens Brothers Band in 2014, following the deaths within three months of his father, Congressman Major Owens (D-Brooklyn, NY), South African President and freedom fighter Nelson Mandela, and Pete Seeger. 
Having lost his wife of 28 years to cancer in 2019, Chris refocused on music.
Furthermore, with the internet ruling the arts, it was clear that there were too many performers named "Chris Owens”! Thus, Chris Oledude (trademarked) was born. 
Chris Oledude started a new chapter with an "old school" blend of blues, gospel, R&B, rock ... and Broadway. He has released three singles since 2020 – “My Tower”, “George Floyd” and “Orange Blues.” An album is in the works.
Chris has performed at PVC several times since his 1985 debut. His last appearance, a 2022 birthday concert, featured a 16-piece ensemble with mostly instruments. The upcoming PVC performance, focused on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., will feature mostly vocalists.

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