C.R.O.W.'s Spring Dance Showcase (MAY 24TH) livestream

C.R.O.W.'s Spring Dance Showcase (MAY 24TH) livestream

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Fri May 24 2024 | 6:30 pm PST
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C.R.O.W.’s 2024 Spring Dance Showcase

Dancers of all ages will take the stage on May 24th and 25th at 7 pm, as C.R.O.W. presents their Spring Dance Showcase. The event is open to the public, and C.R.O.W. encourages local audiences to come and support the wonderful performers.

“We are excited to be returning for yet another beautiful Dance Showcase at the Florence Events Center - featuring so many talented performers of all ages and dance genres,” says Melanie Heard, C.R.O.W.’s Artistic Director, and director of C.R.O.W.’s Flight Dance Team. “This year’s program is packed with talent, and it warms my heart to see how much C.R.O.W.’s dance program has grown and flourished over the past several years, thanks to our wonderful teachers, choreographers, students, and guest artists.”

Tickets are $16, all proceeds from the show support the C.R.O.W. Dance education program, including costumes and scholarships for youth to attend future dance classes and workshops.
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