Twa Corbies + Geoff Kaufman (LIVESTREAM)

Twa Corbies + Geoff Kaufman (LIVESTREAM)

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Sat Feb 25 2023 | 8:00 pm EST
Event Details
Twa Corbies
Twa Corbies is a duo of Alison Kelley (of the Johnson Girls, New York Packet, Ida Red, and NexTradition) and Anayis "AJ" Wright (Mystic Seaport, Norumbega Harmony). They embrace musical traditions spanning from the 12th century up to Gilbert and Sullivan. You'll find grim stories, resilient women, hysterical happenings, and darkly comic tales. They frequently sing a capella, sometimes accompanied by Anayis on concertina or Alison on the banjo. Dulcimers, guitars, banjoleles, dumbeks, vielle, and cello have been known to pop up as well. When not performing, they spend their time serenading an assortment of dogs and garden vegetables.

Geoff Kaufman
Geoff is best known for his time at Mystic Seaport Museum in Connecticut, but he has maintained a wide ranging repertoire from 60s favorites to songs collected in the Catskill Mountains where he grew up, and from his time as a Sloopsinger with the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater and Pete Seeger. Songs of the sea, songs of the earth, songs of the heart and the spirit - all of these are in Geoff Kaufman's ditty bag. Ancient ballads, work songs, love songs, poignant songs of people in struggle, humorous glimpses of human foibles, and insights into history - all of these are likely to be woven into one of Geoff's concerts.

Tonight's show is co-sponsored by The Folk Music Society of New York.

NOTE: This contribution is for the livestream only and does NOT include the in person event.

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