Silk City with Billy Tanglewood

Silk City with Billy Tanglewood

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Fri Sep 15 2023 | 7:30 pm EST
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Troubadour Acoustic Concert Series presents Silk City with Billy Tanglewood

Silk City is the high powered combination of three of the most accomplished musicians in the East. Danny Weiss’ blazing guitar and soaring tenor voice have led bluegrass-oriented bands from Bottle Hill to Skyline. For over a decade, mandolinist Barry Mitterhoff toured with Hot Tuna, and has recorded for countless prominent acts from Peter Rowan to John Gorka to Julius LaRosa. And Larry Cohen’s bass playing is sought after by musicians and recording studios around the country.

Billy Tanglewood writes and plays original 60’s and 70’s influenced folk, reflecting a convergence of new and old musical traditions. Meeting down at the crossroads of the North and South, East and West, you’ll find Roots Americana, British Folk, Ragas and Island songs, cooked up with rock, classical and jazz influences are all simmering in his creative stew.
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