Save the Peoples' Voice Cafe Fundraising (LIVESTREAM)

Save the Peoples' Voice Cafe Fundraising (LIVESTREAM)

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Sat Apr 22 2023 | 8:00 pm EST
Event Details
Save the Peoples' Voice Cafe
Fundraising Concert
Last September, online thieves stole $24,000 from the Peoples' Voice Cafe's bank account. We have launched a GoFundMe campaign which has raised over $8,000. We've also received more than $3,000 in gifts and grants outside the GoFundMe campaign. With this help, we are no longer in immediate danger of closing, but we are still out $13,000, which makes our long term survival uncertain. This special fundraising concert will feature five longtime friends of PVC:
Mario Cancel-Bigay
Bev Grant
Charlie King
Carolann Solebello
Lindsey Wilson
All of them are accomplished artists in their own right, and they are generously donating their time and their talent. Please join them in helping to save this precious venue that presents artists who have something important to say and the voice with which to say it.

NOTE: This contribution is for the livestream only and does NOT include the in person event.

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