Christine Lavin with Bill Hall

Christine Lavin with Bill Hall

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Fri Apr 7 2023 | 7:30 pm EST
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Troubadour Acoustic Concert Series presents Christine Lavin with Bill Hall

Christine Lavin is the Folk World’s long-reigning Queen of the Intelligently Absurd. The title of one of her earlier albums, “I Don’t Make This Stuff Up, I Just Make It Rhyme” says it all. She has an eye for the ironic and the absurd in the news and everyday life, and puts it into song. And dresses it all up in skillful guitar work, electronic loops, and wonderful gimmicks like baton twirling. She’s irrepressible, and ya gotta love her.

Bill Hall is one of the founding members of the Folk Project, and a member of that era’s seminal group, Frostwater. His songs are like intense and vivid dreams that stay with you long after the dream and the song are over. There is something compelling about his silky smooth voice and simple, yet effective guitar style that will mesmerize the listener.
NOTE: This opening act will serve as a sneak preview of Bill’s upcoming Headline Set on July 7. He will be recording this show for potential live tracks to be included in his forthcoming first CD.
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