Hudson Valley Sally + Generations: Mike & Aleksi Glick

Hudson Valley Sally + Generations: Mike & Aleksi Glick

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Sat Mar 18 2023 | 8:00 pm EST
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Hudson Valley Sally
Hudson Valley Sally (Laurie Siegel, Terry Colliton, and David Tarlo) is a folk trio in the tradition of Pete Seeger, loving audience participation. They are known for their tight harmonies and joyful sound. Their music is designed to make you think and inspire hope.
"Hudson Valley Sally sings with a freshness and innocence that reminds us why we fell in love with folk music in the first place." --Si Kahn

Generations: Mike & Aleksi Glick
In another lifetime, singer/songwriter/satirist Mike Glick swapped first LPs with Lucinda Williams, and had Pete Seeger call him "one of the best songwriters going." Mike Glick has won numerous awards for his songwriting and has performed throughout the US, in Europe, the Caribbean, and Asia. His son Aleksi Glick is a world-class jazz and blues guitarist, singer, and composer who has played jazz duos with such masters as Peter Bernstein, Vic Juris, Ed Cherry and Paul Bollenback. He has recorded with Roberta Flack and many others. He leads his own R&B group, Snack Cat.

NOTE: This contribution is for the livestream only and does NOT include the in person event.

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