Deni Bonet & Chris Flynn with Zuko Phillips Cohn Starr

Deni Bonet & Chris Flynn with Zuko Phillips Cohn Starr

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Fri Jan 5 2024 | 7:30 pm EST
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Troubadour Acoustic Concert Series presents Deni Bonet & Chris Flynn with Zuko, Phillips, Cohn, & Starr

Those of you who saw her open for Toby Walker last June know that Deni Bonet can rock a violin like nobody’s business. And her partner Chris Flynn can stay with her note for note. Deni also writes memorable songs that make you want to listen again and again and again. For years, Deni has been honing her craft as a violinist, singer, songwriter and performer. She is, simply, a musical total package. Her style ranges from pop to roots-rock to new folk. And her portfolio includes gigs at Mountain Stage, the White House, Carnegie Hall, and the Great Wall of China. (No kidding!)

Zuko, Phillips, Cohn, & Starr have been performing throughout NJ and NY since their formation in July 2021. Known for their four-part harmonies, soaring guitar riffs, and clever arrangements, the group has been wowing local crowds with their sets of original and cover material. Longtime Troubadour attendees will remember Jen Starr and Erica Cohn as core members of Harmonytryx, , while Jeff Phillips and Michael Zuko asre alumni of the rock band, The Voltaires. As ZPCF, they’ve blended a folky, melodic style with those vocal harmonies backed by guitar, bass and djembe.
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