Mike Agranoff with Jerry Krantman

Mike Agranoff with Jerry Krantman

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Fri Dec 29 2023 | 7:30 pm EST
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Troubadour Acoustic Concert Series presents Mike Agranoff with Jerry Krantman

As the Troubadour’s Program Chairman, Mike Agranoff has been its public face for decades. Many regular attendees have heard snippets of music from him at an Open Stage or in informal music sessions offstage. But he’s also a regularly touring seasoned performer, and a full set from him can be pretty impressive. His prodigious skills on guitar and concertina support a wide variety of music. Expect anything from irreverent parodies to traditional ballads; from blazing dance tunes to Bach concerti; from great chorus songs to his signature spoken-word recitations. In addition to some old favorites, expect brand new and long-abandoned songs from his vast repertoire along with musical help from some of the Folk Project’s best musicians.

Jerry Krantman collects wonderful songs. Some you may recognize from the far edges of your memory. Others that you may wonder why you never heard before. He also writes songs. Some of his lyrics have a lot of fun with the English language. His highly developed sense of false modesty prevents him from saying more.

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