Our Staff | Afton Tickets

Ryan Kintz

Co-Founder & President


Likes to live, likes to laugh. Driven visionary with an unwavering passion to his clients. He runs his business like he lives his life - with positive energy, discipline, determination and dedication. Having been involved in the entertainment industry he has created a custom solution for not only his own business but also all types of events.

Amelia Kintz

Co-Founder & COO

Runs the office with focused precision, efficiency, and dedication. In charge of the Afton Shows booking branch of operations, she produces and oversees over 1,200 concerts in 40 cities nationwide each year. She carries this passion into her personal life and loves the friends and family she has around her.

Jordan Westlund

HR & Recruitment Manager

Oversees day to day operations. Ensures that events are staffed and ran smoothly. Coordinates and manages 80+ part-time Show Managers around the country. Enjoys running, the lake, and is extremely active in the outdoors.

Zach Lincoln

New Venue Relations & Booking Manager

Zach is in charge of acquiring new venues for Afton tickets, as well as managing the relationships we have with the 100+ venues we currently work with. He is a Booking Manager, Social Media Manager, and contributes to our Afton Blog. Hobbies include disc golf, biking, and going to concerts. He’s constantly working on finding more great performance spaces for our artists to enjoy, and actively helps improve the way we serve our artists on a day to day basis.