Earp's Ordinary


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Sat Jun 22 2024
  • Doors: 4:00 pm
  • Start Time: 7:00 pm
  • Age Restriction:  All Ages

About the Event

RJ COWDERY grew up along the Ohio River, in a small hardscrabble Appalachian town in southeastern Ohio.
Listeners describer Rj as unpretentious, frank, and self-deprecatingly charming. She writes songs with a personal but universal appeal that speak truths many of us feel but are unable to put into words.
Her melodies and lyrics are compelling, emotional, inspiring, reflective, and rounded out by her masterful guitar playing that draws you in with delicate picking and percussive strums.
A multi-award-winning performing songwriter, she earns accolades and praises from peers and fans everywhere she goes.

"Rj plays a clean guitar, flat picking or strumming and stringing chords together to build melodies built like a proverbial brick house and pours over it all with a voice like butter,” ~ TheVancouver Island Music Festival.

JILLIAN MATUNDAN is an award-winning, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter. Her music and style are a blend of her favorite acoustic, rock, indie, and folk influences and inspirations. She continues to win audiences with her deft and percussive guitar style, soothing vocals, and a warm, funny, unassuming stage presence.
Born and raised in Central New York, she fell in love with classical music when she began taking violin lessons at the age of three. Jillian trained on piano, flute, and even sitar - but is self-taught on all the other instruments she plays (guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, string bass, and a host of other random instruments). She took a fifteen-year hiatus from writing and performing music when she re-discovered her musical muse in late 2017 and began writing her own music again in August 2018.
Encouraged by friends and fellow songwriters, Jillian began playing solo at local open mics in January 2019, sharing songs she had only started writing a few months before and has been on a tear ever since, winning twelve Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Awards, playing numerous shows, and collaborating with other musicians on stage and in the studio. Notable venues include Rockwood Music Hall, Club Passim, Jammin' Java, The Wharf DC, the Edwards Opera House, Farm Brew Live, Epicure Cafe, and Earp's Ordinary. She has opened for Michael Clem and Greg Howard (Rockwood Music Hall), Anne Hills (Focus Arlington), Scott Cook and Pamela Mae (The Listening Booth), and Rachael Kilgour (The Sevareid House).
She released her debut EP, "Hangin' On" in June 2020 and has collaborated and worked with other musicians as a session musician in recordings and live shows. In August of 2021, she successfully fundraised her first full-length studio album with Plaid Dog Studios in Boston. She released “Singing to the Moon” in March 2024.
Jillian is a proud first-generation Filipina American. She works in the labor movement and lives in Northern Virginia.

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