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Bobaflex, Motorbreath, Unchained, Wildside - Motley Crue Tribute!, Ed to Shred, Henry's Child, Ray DiGiorgio Group, The Nixon Rodeo, Minor Anomaly, LILIAC, Hyper Sloth, 30 Pound Test

2 Day Family Friendly Music Festival. Camping 100 yards from the stage.
Lush green grass and shade everywhere. Craft Beer and Spirit Tasting
events each day! Kids Water-slide. Friday Americas First Family of Rock
Liliac will headline and all kids 18 and under get to come up front!
Saturday we are hosting Bobaflex as they headline as part of they're final
tour after 20 years! 19 Bands, insane guitar talent front to back. The
best talent you "never heard of" Plus Tributes to Metallica, Van Halen and
Motley Crue!

Fri July 26 - Sat July 27, 2019| | End Time: 12:30 am | | All Ages

  • Bobaflex Headliner

    Bobaflex are an American hard rock band from Point Pleasant, West Virginia. They were part of Gigantour in 2005 and Rock on the Range in 2008. Formed in 1998 with current members Dave Tipple, Jerod Mankin, Shaun McCoy, Tommy Johnson and Marty McCoy

    Bobaflex is an odd beast, a bracing mix of heavy riffage, hip-hop-inspired beats and alternately growling and soaring vocals. There are four singers in the band, so the angle of attack constantly shifts

    Point Pleasant, West Virginia

  • Motorbreath Headliner

    Metallica Tribute band from the Northwest!

    Portland, Oregon

  • Unchained Headliner

    UNCHAINED is a premier early Van Halen Tribute that does not disappoint! From the searing spot on guitar tone and solos to the distinctive vocal harmonies, to the high energy stage performances & wild ‘n’ crazy nuances of David Lee Roth, these guys bring on an unforgettable performance. When Unchained plays an event, you know there’s gonna be a party like no other!This NW based band brings it every time….

    Portland, Oregon

  • Wildside - Motley Crue Tribute! Headliner

    WIldside is a Motley Crue Tribute band from the Northwest!

    Portland, Oregon

  • Ed to Shred Headliner

    ED uses products from Dean Guitars, EVGA, DiMarzio, Bogner, Royer Labs, Focusrite, Fractal Audio Systems, Tsunami Cables and XOX Audio Tools.

    Portland, Oregon

  • Henry's Child Headliner

    The early/mid 90's were an amazing time for live music and the Northwest music scene in Eugene was drenched in talented and exceptional bands. This creative collective included Henry's Child.

    Henry's Child was part of the Eugene Art Culture, concocting a mix of psychedelic, heavy and sometimes eclectic music that not only fit well with the time but strongly stands up today. It was this varied mix that quickly brought Henry's Child to the forefront of local and regional bands. In fact, Henry's Child was so diverse that they opened for national acts like "Five for Fighting" (in San Francsico) and "Testament".

    What made Henry's Child stand out is a combination of stage presence and recognition outside the state, with Preliminary Grammy Award nominations from NARAS and a regimented touring scheduled before the days of iPhones and Facebook.

    Henry's Child is back. Older but wiser and able to display the maturity of a band who didn't rely on a formula to succeed. Henry's Child produces music that spans any sort of "generation gap" and can go form delicate to brooding in a matter of seconds all while still captivating the audience.

    Portland, Oregon

  • Ray DiGiorgio Group Headliner

    Band Members
    Brian Dickson - keyboards/bass
    Mikey Pannone - drums
    Raymond DiGiorgio - guitar

    San Diego, California

  • The Nixon Rodeo Headliner

    The Nixon Rodeo from Spokane, WA. A combinations of all things rock. Our band consist of Brent Forsyth (lead vocals, guitar), Shawn Fortney (lead guitar), Jules StClaire (bass guitar, vocals), Ethan Harrison (drummer, vocals). The Nixon Rodeo has a song and feeling for everyone. Putting intensity, style and heart into each song and performance is makes a RODEO show.

    Spokane, Washington

  • Minor Anomaly Headliner

    Hard rock band from Oregon featuring members of 30 Pound Test, Forrestal's fall, and the Linden wood band

    Portland, Oregon

  • LILIAC Opener

    LILIAC are a young band made up of three brothers and two sisters. The band was envisioned by their father Floren Cristea a.k.a. Chriss Floren, an accomplished Music Producer who has written and produced songs placed in many American and European television shows and movies such as MTV’s “True Life, 10 on Top, Morning Hot Mix, Parental Control”, A&E’s “Jackson’s Family Dynasty”, Lifetime’s “Bond of Silence”, as well as many other productions. Chriss Floren recognized that his children had the musical gift at a young age and invested time coaching them to become better musicians and encouraging them to pursue their dreams. He is currently producing the young band’s dynamic new album.


  • Hyper Sloth Opener

    Hyper Sloth is a four piece rock and roll band with melodic metal overtones. All four members are seasoned musicians who are very focused and driven by their passion to create. With their combined talents and experience in the scene, they formed this all original band from the ground up in Feb. 2014 and just finished their first EP "Crack The Whip"..Hyper Sloth takes their music very seriously but at the same time they are sarcastic pranksters that love to just have a great time and play some rock "n roll....

    Eugene, Oregon

  • 30 Pound Test Opener

    Combining influences from honkytonk to the heaviest of heavy, 30 Pound Test is not your weirdo cousin's metal band. They take the growl and roar of thrash, augment it with the lower BPM subtlety and atmospheric arrangements of System of A Down or Tool, and add in the death growls you would find in bands like Cannibal Corpse to create one helluva soundtrack for your headbanging, pint-killing night out.

    , Oregon

Venue Details

Cheadle Lake Park

37919 Wierich Drive
Lebanon, Oregon 97355


Event Schedule and Full Lineup: Friday July 26th
1:00pm VIP Early entry
2:00pm GA Entry
2:00pm CRAFT BEER/SPIRIT TASTING EVENT BEGINS (5 drink tickets = $5)
4:00pm Hollywood Dance Children's Routine
5:00pm UNDERCARD - Rock from Spokane WA
5:45pm GLENN CANNON - Blues/Rock from Seattle WA
6:30pm First Robotics Team 1359 Demo T-Shirt Cannon Giveway
6:45pm UNCHAINED - A Tribute to VAN HALEN
7:30pm Juggernaut Initiative for at risk youth presentation
7:45pm ALAMANCE - Rock from Eugene OR
8:30pm Out Of The Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk Presentation
8:40pm RDG Raymond DiGiorgio Group - Instrumental Rock from Los Angeles
9:15pm ED TO SHRED - Instrumental Rock from Portland OR
9:45pm First Robotics Team 1359 Demo T-Shirt Cannon Giveaway
10:00pm LILIAC - Rock from Los Angeles
11:00pm 21 and over After Hours event begins
11:15pm LARRY MITCHELL - Acoustic After Hours
12:30am Last Call
1:00am Venue Close

Saturday July 27th
11:00am VIP Early Entry
12:00pm GA Entry
12:00pm CRAFT BEER/SPIRIT TASTING EVENT begins (5 drink tickets = $5)
2:45pm SWEATER FOR AN ASTRONAUT - Rock from Eugene OR
3:20pm LIDLESS EYE - Hard Rock from Roseburg OR
3:55pm VIAL EXPERIMENT - Hard Rock from Eugene OR
4:30pm HYPERSLOTH - Rock from Eugene OR
5:00pm First Robotics Team 1359 Demo T-Shirt Cannon Giveaway
5:10pm WILD SIDE - A tribute to MOTLEY CRUE
5:50pm Juggernaut Initiative for at risk youth presentation
5:55pm MINOR ANOMALY - Rock from Tangent OR
7:10pm Out Of The Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk Presentation
7:20pm HENRY'S CHILD - Rock from Eugene OR
8:10pm THE NIXON RODEO - Hard Rock from Spokane WA
9:45pm First Robotics Team 1359 Demo T-Shirt Cannon Giveaway
10:00pm BOBAFLEX / The Final Tour - Hard Rock from Columbus OH
11:15pm 21 and over After Hours Event Begins
11:15pm BRANDON COOK plus special guests / Acoustic
12:30am LAST CALL
1:00am VENUE CLOSES.....SEE YOU IN 2020!

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